Author: Fajri Matahati Muhammadin

Legend of Legends: Chapter IV – The Fire Spangled Banner

I now publish the 4th chapter of my novel. Enjoy! ^_^ _________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER 4 THE FIRE SPANGLED BANNER                 Seluruh pasukan El-Peso kini berbaris mengelilingi istana, tapi tetap mengambil jarak. Di puncak istana tersebut, telah berkibar bendera Devilmare. Prajurit Devilmare sudah jelas memenuhi seluruh wilayah istana. “Apakah yang terjadi?” tanya Marino pada seorang prajurit setelah

Parliamentary Debating Competition: A Unified Standard?

    This taken from Handbook for Parliamentary Debating (Second Edition) by Jogja Debating Forum. A fragment from Chapter IX: How To Win a Debate, page 134-138. I hope that evaluations can come in so that this can be improved. Happy reading ^_^ ———————————————————————————————————————————————————   A Unified Standard? As perhaps one may have noticed, many