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Goodbye Jogja : Part III – English Debating and Jogja Debating Forum

III                   ENGLISH DEBATING AND JOGJA DEBATING FORUM Rolling back to 2005, announcements of reregistration to complete my position in UGM Department of Physics. Even before fully entering the faculty, I have already participated in UGM English Debating Society practices. I called out to the indodebaters mailing list

How Indonesia Got Our Freedom: Bambu Runcing

I can remember vividly how my Elementary School teachers used to say this: “Indonesia berhasil memperoleh kemerdekaannya karena kekuatan dan keberanian para pendahulu kita” (Indonesia won its independence through the strength and valor of our ancestors) Well, I dont have problems there. Then it goes on. “Jepang sebenarnya akan memberikan kemerdekaan untuk kita. Tapi kita