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Resep Asik Fajri: Lelisil Herbal Chicken

This one is an original recipe, fully invented by myself through an experiment yesterday.

Turns out pretty good!!



  1. Deboned chicken (one breast and two thighs)
  2. Garlic (4 fat cloves)
  3. Big Red Chillies (4 huge pieces)
  4. Ginger (half a thumb size)
  5. White Pepper (to taste)
  6. Salt (to taste)
  7. Oregano leaves
  8. Dill (try not to use thick branches, chop up)
  9. Parsley (idem)
  10. Celery (idem)
  11. Little tomatoes (that tiny ones half as big as your eyeballs), 4 peaces
  12. Honey (1 tbs)
  13. Lemon juice (2 tbs)
  14. Sesame Oil (2 tbs)
  15. Olive Oil (3 tbs)
  16. Butter
  17. Cooked Rice, not too soft (good enough for fried rice)
  18. Tomato sauce

Step 1: Preparing Marinade

Put no 7 to 11 in food processor till it gets mushy and icky (you can grind it manually if you dont have food processor. But then you will spend more calories than what you’l eat :p). You are expecting more or less a handfull of this ‘substance’.

PS: Get no 7-11 in more or less equal proportion, and enough to get the amount as mentioned above.

PPS: For Oregano, powder/chopped up dried ones would do, perhaps equivalent to 4 tbs

Grind no 2-5 till soft (Nothing beats grinding for this one. You can use food processor, but itl taste a little different).

Mix them all up in a bowl, add salt, pepper, and no 12-15.

Mix well

Step 2: Marinade-ing

Make sure your nails are clean and short, and you hands are washed clean.

Get the deboned chicken, and beat it up till softer with something hard (dont destroy it tho). It doesnt have to be deboned btw, but it makes job easier.

Put the marinade to the chicken, and mush up everything together. Put the marinade all over the chicken, and give it  good massage everywhere.

Leave it for 1 hour.

Step 3: Cooking the Chicken

Heat up a frying pan with some butter (2-3 tbs), then chuck in the marinated chicken. You got four alternatives from here.

Option 1: Fry till ¾ cooked, then put in rice and stir well till its done.

Option 2: Fry till cooked, put chicken in sepparate container (leave as much marinade substance thingo in the pan, then stir in the rice.

Option 3: Fry till cooked, serve with white rice.

Option 4: It doesnt have to be rice. Potatoes would do. French fries, mashed potatoes, it would be fine. Or you can half boil the potatoes, cut them in large cubes, then marinade and fry them along with the chicken.

Serve in combination with tomato sauce to balance and perfect out the herbs 🙂

Enjjoooooooooooy 😀

PS: I didnt actually use all those ingredients above, due to certain limitations. But those I added would make it only taste more extraordinary!


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Resep Asik Fajri: Nasi Goreng Giok

This is a new recipe I tried, inspired by The Real Master Cooking Boy.

Its nice n healthy, so go ahead and try 🙂

Nasi Goreng Giok:

Ingredients are (but not limited to)

1. Garlics

2. Margarine/Butter

3. Salt

4. Sesame Oil

5. Oyster Sauce

6. PEPPAAAAH!!! LO’S, and LO’S, of PEPPAAAAH!!!!! Or blackPEPPAAAH would also be nice :3

7. Onions

8. Shitake, and/or other kinds of mushrooms

9. Brokoli

10. Sawi

11. Green peas

12. Leeks

13. Eggs

14. rice.

I do not mention any quantity, as you may adjust them all to taste. This is the preparation stage.

1. Mash up the garlics

2. shave the brocolli (use the ‘hair’, not the branches), dice the onions, put them all in a bowl along with most of the peas.

3. Stir fry the shitake (and other mushrooms) for 1-2 minutes with a bit of butter, PEPPAH, sesame oil, and oyster sauce, put it in a sepparate container.

4. Take the leaves of the Sawi (you wont need the branches), add some peas (perhaps 3-4 table spoons of peas), then mash them up with food processor or do some sport with a huge cobek, until you get a mushy icky lump of green substance with Chlorophil all over it, as much as needed to fit just enough in your palm.

And here goes the cooking process.

1. melt the butter/margarine, and add the mashed garlic till it smells awesome.

2. Stir in the egg/s, and fry for a bit, then stir in the rice.

3. Put in the green stuff, then mix well, till rice turns green.

4. Add salt, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and PEPPAAA, to taste.

5. Put in the rest of the stuff in, and mix well until ready to serve.

Enjoooy <3


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Modifood Recipe: Ratatouile!!

Ratatouile is a french food, originally vegetarian. I got the original recipe from but it just aint fun if I didnt modify some parts in it. Not so much vegetarian now. It has been tried, and it did taste real awesome! Its just that its a bit troublesome, so I wont cook it too often :p



Fresh Tomatoes – 2 kg

Eggplants – 2 huge pieces

Zucchinis – 2 huge pieces

Bell Pepper – 3 huge pieces

Onions – 1.5 kg

Shitake (or/and any other mushroom) – 700 g

Salami and chicken broth – total of 700 g

Garlic 12 big cloves

Herbes de Provence (Basil, thyme, parsley)

Oregano Powder

Tomato Paste 200 gr

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste

Some flour

How To Cook:

1. Cut the eggplant into rondelles; keep separate. Peel the zucchini, cut into rondelles, keep separate. Clean the bell pepper, cut into small strips, keep separate. Chop the onion, keep separate.

2. Peel, de-seed and drain the tomatoes

3. Using four separate cooking pots, put some olive oil in the bottom; put in the eggplant, zucchini, pepper, and onion into their own pots; sprinkle some flour onto the eggplant and onto the zucchini. Put the four pots on to cook slowly. Each cooks for about 30 minutes, but test and cook each until correctly soft.

4. In a large cooking pot with a thick bottom, put in olive oil, chopped garlic, herbes de Provence -two huge tablespoons. Squeeze the tomatoes in by hand. Cook slowly until you have a thick tomato sauce.

5. Add the four separately cooked vegetables and the Shitake, Chicken Broth, and Salami, to the tomato sauce, -add oregano to taste, Id love 3-4 tablespoons. Also salt and pepper, Id love 3 big pinches of pepper and no salt- mix thoroughly and heat. Pour off the excess oil from the top. It’s ready to serve.

6. eat with passion <3

Original recipe from

Favourite Meals in Jogja: Part 1

It has been 5 years since I set foot on this city of angels, Yogyakarta. It is a food heaven with a hell lot of choices. I was astonished, seeing how much choices I had.
But time has passed by, and the light has faded. There are but only a few classes of food, and in each class there are tons of restos and eating places with more or less the same old taste. But one, in each class, still shines.
Thus, here I list the classes of food and the best among them.

1.    Nasi Ramesan prasmanan: The nameless Ramesan, Behind Pasar Demangan, infront of a masjid and playgroup.

I first set foot on this place with Yunizar “Yudi” Adiputera, but then it has been at least 2 years and I cant find it. Then Aulia, my girlfriend, lives around the area and I accidentally found it again.

My favorite combination would be using two kinds of vegetables: buncis orak arik (oooh, the best) and tofu thingo, two chickens, two tempes. It will cost me 11-12k-ish, unless Im very much mistaken, including a nice Es Jeruk. But the taste of the meal, lingers very long. It even got the I-Don’t-Nom-Veggies Yudi to actually eat vegetables. Some real little reasonable amount MSG is used, but that isn’t what makes it special. Then what? I don’t know. Its just awesome.

PS: Warung makan Flamboyan: Jalan Flamboyan – worth noting
It is a very famous place, almost always crowded. It has a huge variety –yes, HUGE variety- of menus which you can choose. There is at least 4 different ways of cooking chicken, for example. Prices are expensive though, for Jogja Standard, especially on the Es Jeruk. Its 2500, while they put minimum sugar and I think only half an orange in it (minimum taste and sweetness – I prefer it this way though, but I am seeing its value for money).

But if you are looking for variety, this is a place you definitely should go.
As for I, personally go here only to devour Patin soup. I have found no other place which sells patin this big and cooked this good in Jogja.

2.    Angkringan Pak Man: Blimbingsari

A nice guy, helped by his wife. He is a supplier for many other angkringans, and rents motorbikes (only for people he knows) and many more. Is a very nice friend, even until now after I moved far away.

Angkringans almost always sell pretty much the same things. Sate jerohan, nasi kucing, nasi goreng, chicken heads n feet, gorengan, jahe, etc. But there are three things that are different here, and among them, the two reasons why it is special.

First uniqueness, is that there is no longer any nasi kucing. They give you plates then spoon you rices of your choice.
Second uniqueness, here is the 1st speciality, is some special menus. They have a really distinct way of making sambal which I really like, and also this tofu’s soup (its not the tofu that’s special) which is a good combination with your fried rice. And the Sate Jerohan, maaaan theyre huge!
But third, which is what makes this place the best, is price. I can not name prices, because they always change as far as I remember –to our benefit. I recall asking prices of the individual items I take while eating, and it added up to over 10 thousands (God, I did eat a lot at that time). But at the end of my meal, when I asked, he says “7 thousands”.

I think this family is not fully seeking to the profit, although Im certain its not that they forgot, but this is a big reason why Angkringan Pak Man is never vacant until everything is sold out. Worth a try, mates.

3.    Burjonan: three clusters

There are three major specialties that a burjo would usually serve, and I would say that there aren’t any burjos that Iv tried are apparently special in all three of them. But there are ones exceptional on each.

a.    Best Noodles: Burjonan Palm Kuning Jl Flamboyan..
They have this special menu called Mie Dogdog/Mie Warnet (the difference is only in an addition of a tempura). It is essentially noodle soup, but made from Indomie Goreng. Then they add some certain pastes, creating a new flavor. Some very few other burjos have it, but this one is significantly the best
b.    Best Nasi Telor: Burjonan Sami Asih, in Gang Pak Ateng.
Nasi Telor could be judged by egg frying (simple: fry-by-order is always better than pre-fry), vegetables, and sambal. Sami Asih is the best!
c.    Best Gorengan: Sendowo C-69 C.
I know, familiar address. And I know, its strange for a special gorengan. But if that Burjo is still managed by the same husband and wife with that really minyi little kid, they have quite the best gorengan tempe. Perfect thin slices, perfect batter, and seriously, crunchy and tasty. It has been a very long while though.

4.    Pempek Jl Tamsis where two Pempek places stand side by side, but the smaller one.
Awesome mix on those fish n etc, and also awesome cuka. The only little drawback is when you take out, and very unlucky, the owner will give a long lecture on how he loaths people who go directly to the bigger pempek store beside his simply because its bigger. Well, I could live with that for 5 or so minutes.
Not a big fan of Pempek though. I have always had problem with its value for money. With 6thousands-ish, I get something that doesn’t fill me a bit.

PS: I’l update the name soon, but there is this Pempek place in Jalan Kaliurang, east side of road. If you like to nomnom tasteless rubber blocks, try that place.

5.    Fried Chicken specialities
Jogja has many branded fried chicken, some even having a lot of branches. But the best for me is Ayam Bakar Pak Joko in selokan mataram right before the turn to Gang Pak Ateng. The Ayam Bakar tastes pretty good, but it is pre cooked thus it is not served heated.
The fried chicken, however, is just excellent. Ask for Paha Atas, its 5000, real good value for money. And they really have great awesome sambal! GOD!

The drawback is, you shouldn’t go often there or even avoid it due to health concern. The fried chicken has already been pre-fried. Then, they will fry it again for you before serving it. It results very excellent (GOD, YEAH!). But double the oil, double the kill.

6.    Padangan: Duta Minang, Jl Kaliurang km 4.5-ish
Many Padang restaurants in jogja has adjusted their spices to Javanese tongues, or maybe, they just don’t bother to fulfill the original richness of Padang Spices. Duta Minang, although is among the pricy ones, lives up the legend of Padang Spices to the original. It has many branches, but I only know that one in Jl Kaliurang.
My favorite menu would be with cincang-sapi and/or fish eggs if I am feeling really rich and am ready to fast the rest of the day –or week, if I were that crazily realistic.

But the best is a cross culture. Spread the rice from Duta Minang along with its greens, then spread Joko’s Javanese sambal on it. Then put Joko’s fried chicken on top of all that, and finalize by pouring an amount of cincang-sapi’s soup at taste –on top of the chicken and the rice. EXCELENT, but deadly, so beware.
FYI, I always pick cincang-sapi soup *although any soup is free* because not only that it tastes good, but we might accidentally get some chunks of beef by mistake :p

PS: I count Aceh food as padangan too. Try the very exquisite Masakan Aceh in a tent infront of Hotel (or wisma?) Indraloka which only opens at night.
They have Nasi Goreng Kare, which is very VERY heavenly. It is a fairly made fried rice –mass cooked, nothing special, but some distinct distant spices somewhere there- then added with a few peanuts and deeeelicious sambaaaaal! But that’s not it yet. They will add a bowl of Kare with a piece of chicken there. MAK NYUSSS!!!!

More will come soon, as I cluster more similar type of restaurants <3

Cheers 😀

Delicious: Sangam Indian Resto

This Indian Restaurant is located in Jalan Kaliurang KM 5-6ish. Cant remember exactly.
But just find Toko Merah, then turn left straight after it and you will find Jalan Pandega Siwi.

Ride like 30 meters ahead, and you will find it somewhere on your left.

It only opens at night, or so it seems. It aint only a restaurant. But also sells indian textile products, and has meditation and yoga courses.

Just come in the very antique door and go through till the back. That is the restaurant part.

I wont really review the hospitality and design, which is so great and Indian-style (well, naturally).

The menu costs range around 10k-50k. And at that splendid night with two friends: Agnes Puspitasari and Rangga Aditya Dachlan (Lelendja), I made my order.

I had Andra South India Style Chicken Curry, which costs 28k with Parata (6k).
Agnes had Chicken Samosa (14k, was it?) and Lelendja had Mutton Curry.

The meal was wonderful! Id give all thumbs up for originality in spices of the curry.
The combination of the excelent Parata with Chicken Curry, from a scale of 1-10 would worth an 8 for me.

(I had a chomp on Lelendja’s Mutton Curry, Id give it a 7. Yes, I have a knack on picking the best on the menu. Didnt try Agnes’s Samosa though)

The prata bread was heavenly delicious, and dipping it to the strongly spiced chicken curry made it even more extraordinary.

The spices in the curry were just a great combination with the chicken (and very tender mutton, for Lelendja’s Curry) which were obviously cooked by really professional hands.

The negatives of the meal would include lack of universality, to the sense that not everyone will have the same tolerance to spice as I do.

The portion was relatively satisfying though Id say a bit more would make it better.

The biggest problem for me, was that Id prefer the spice bits could be removed, because it makes the chewing a bit difficult.
I mean, there were these leaves (on my Chicken Curry) and some sort of thick spice seed (on Lelendja’s Mutton Curry) spread all over the dish.

They were quite disturbing, especially especially especially on Lelendja’s dish. Very annoying.

The drinks I had was also great. I forgot its name, but it was this sweet yoghurt drink. Id give it an 8.5 (Lelendja had a fruit flavored one, Id give that a 9).

Nothing seemed special or unique on this one, other than the fact that it tasted really good (fruit made it taste better, I ordered no flavor just to compare).

Might go back there and try something else…

It is recommended for those who are interested in spicy food.

Cheers 🙂