Stardust: Poetry for the eye and ear

I have been in music for quite a long time. I started playing a small keyboard when I was a very little kid, which I cant remember anymore how old I was at the time.
Returning back to Indonesia, I started playing piano. And on the end of my junior highschool graduation, I started to learn to play the guitar.

Music for me has been very limited. Only a very few types of music manage to get to my heart. But yet when they do, they will linger on for a very long time.

A friend gave me a quote “If music is food to love, then play on”. I fairly agree. It works both ways: love is food to music, then.. love on? Hahahaha…

What I learned in my whole life so far, is that strings of melody can hit many hearts easily.


As for poetry, I have made quite a lot in my distant youth. Starting on the end of Elementary School, resulting in highly humorous ones, up until one which won Judge Favorite Poem on Forum Lingkar Pena DIY in 2007.

I have lost many of them, including the one that won an award, but I have learned a lesson. I might be much less skilled in poetry than I am in music, but I know one thing more than before.

“Words are sharper than swords”, is still a famous quote. This is because words are fantastic.

Words may have definitions, translations, synonyms. But the magic of words is when it meets passion, and starts to have meanings.

And by this magic: words can also touches hearts as deep as our blood does.


And here goes my artwork. It is music, it is a poem. It has melody, it has words.

Finally complete in composition in 2008.

Song Title: STARDUST


Why is it called Stardust?

Well its for a reason I made up myself. When you are on the peak of feeling in love, there are moments when you are alone. But you seem like in heaven, but rather lunatic for others. You smile for apparently no reason at all, and your eyes gaze blankly as if seeing someone or watching a beautiful film which only you can see.
And deep down in your heart, there is this feeling. Where there is this tingling feel all over your body, and you simply can not stop smiling. This tingling feeling is just like some mystical substance is sprinkled all over you, and hits you right on the heart, as if it is dust from the stars itself.

This is where the name originates.


“I close my eyes expecting to see nothing
But my heart was wide and open, awake and aware
I thought I found you, then I thought you found me
But all the same: we found us, we found us

Tingling sensation trickled down my body
Everything else seems so dark
But that is what makes light so precious

And there was your smile, simple beautiful
And there was your eyes, simple beautiful

Then I opened my eyes
My heart was still wide and open, awake and aware
I thought I found you, then I thought you found me
But all the same: we found us, we found us

Tingling sensation trickled down my body
Then I realized: I was smiling too!

I thought I found you, then I thought you found me
But all the same: we found us, we found us..

We found us..”

Thanks to a very dear friend of mine, blessed with such sweet voice to blend in melody and words in to one sound of meaning, Karina Utami Dewi, whom which made possible for this song to sound much much better than it would shall I chant it out myself.

Resulting in recordings.

We made two versions, in which Karina sings in both.

The 1st version, is her singing accompanied by my guitar play. I have edited it into a Winamp Media File, which you can download by clicking the link below:

Stardust: Guitar Version

You can open it through almost any media players, such as winamp or windows media player.

The 2nd version, is her singing accompanied by my piano play. This is just an MP3 file, downloadable by clicking the following link:

Stardust: Piano Version

I highly apologize for the bad recording qualities generally for both and most specifically for this one. We used an MP3 recorder and so far this is the best and cheapest way we could find :p

PS: I would highly recommend you to right click on the link to open them on a new tab instead.


So I hope you can enjoy it, and I am really looking for feedbacks.

PS: please not about the recorder quality, I have figured out already how bad it is :p
Hee hee

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