Resep Asik Fajri: Super Burger with Mashed Potatoes

Hey, I just masterminded a great cook off with my sister and cousin, resulting in a mouthwatering conclusion.

Super Burger with mashed potatoes, with special, special sauce 😀

Making it is easy, but preparation is a bit of an a*s :p

Go have a try 😀

For the Burger:

1. Minced Beef (500 gr)

2. Ground/grated nutmeg (2 tbs)

3. Blackpepper (3 tbs)

4. Thyme powder (3 tbs)

5. One whole onion, diced

6. A handful of parsey leaves, finely chopped to bits

7. Cajun/Garam Masala spice powder (2 tbs – USE ONLY ONE OF THESE!!)

For the mashed potatoes:

1. Potatoes, peeled and chopped up (5)

2. Fresh unsweetened milk (50 gr)

3. Margarine, preferably low fat ones (1-2 tbs)

4. Cream Cheese (to taste)

5. Salt and Pepper (to taste)

For special sauce (two choices):

Special Sauce A:

1. Tomato sauce (150ml)

2. Bangkok Chili Sauce (2 tbs, or to taste)

3. Ground Oregano (2 tbs, or to taste)

4. Garlic, mashed soft (1 clove)

5. Basil leaves powder, (1.5 teaspoon)

Special Sauce B:

1. Mayonaise (150 ml)

2. Lemon Juice (1/2 tbs)

3. Garlic, mashed soft (1 clove)

4. Parsley, chopped to bits (1/2 tbs)


The burgers:

1. Mash up all the mentioned ingredients, mix well. Use hands, feels great but make sure you wash them first.

2. Shape the stuff in to balls (size to taste), then flatten them (its recommended to used a floured flat surface)

3. Ready to fry or grill.

4. Keep on flipping the burger every half a minute or so, until both sides go really dark brown (or to taste)

5. Ready to serve 😀

The mashed potato:

1. Chuck in peeled potatoes to salted water, and bring to boil

2. After boiling for around 20 minutes, put potatoes in a large bowl that fits them all.

3. Mash it up till soft with anything (hygienic) you can find. Hands, bricks (LoL), or even kids –theyl have so much fun (but make sure all hands are washed first, and be careful because for the 1st 10 minutes of mashing itl be quite hot)

4. add the butter first, then salt and pepper, then cream cheese, mash up until mixed well.

5. add the fresh milk, and mash up again till mixed well.

6. Ready to serve

The sauce:

1. Whichever type of sauce you wish, same step: mix up all ingredients

2. Ready to serve.

This was the end result for our cooking (I used the Type A Special Sauce)

And yes, its REALLY GOOD 😀



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