Imaan, Deeds, and Love

1. Imaan is a state of heart, and has various shades depending on it’s strength.

2. Yes, it is imaan and not good deeds that will save us from hellfire

3. However, a man can’t claim to have imaan but not do good deeds

4. To do good deeds are evidences of the existence of imaan

5. The commissioning of bad deeds (sin) are acts due to lack of strength in imaan

6. The more good deeds are compared to the bad deeds, the more it is evident that the imaan is stronger.

7. The more bad deeds are compared to the good deeds, the more it is evident that the imaan is weaker.

8. The existence of bad deeds, no matter how much, does not always mean that imaan is absent.

9. But a certain extent of repetition, tendency, and magnitude of bad deeds, may be evidence of absence of imaan (or kufr)

10. Allah is the Most Forgiving and Accepting of repentance.

11. The key to seeking forgiveness and repentance is sincerity

12. An evidence of sincerity is effort (but not necessarily success) in reducing bad deeds and increasing good deeds

13. The same thing applies if “Imaan” is replaced by “love”

14. One without love is one without imaan

15. And Allah knows best