Poetry: Unobtainable Dream

This is a poem I made early 2009, I can not remember when was it exactly because I have lost the sheet in which I wrote it on. It was not a story of me, but inspired from a friend who fell in love with someone she simply could not ever get: a very perfect man, who never even existed.

Here goes, I found it again 🙂


“To you I can not have
I have told you everything
Though you will never know
And it doesnt matter

I have you well deep enough
But nowhere real enough for me to touch
You never knew
Damn, it does matter

To you whom I can not have
I thank you for those beautiful moments we had
which you were never really there
But I prefer to believe you were

Maybe you never knew my name
But yours is painfully beautifully etched in me
Maybe you see me as the same as everyone, or no one.
But your mere shadow brings out my deepest, yet painful, smile

To My Love, whom I can never have
To My Dearest, whom I can only dream of
Death will NEVER part us
Destiny already did…….”

(Fajri, somewhere in early 2009)