Delicious: Sangam Indian Resto

This Indian Restaurant is located in Jalan Kaliurang KM 5-6ish. Cant remember exactly.
But just find Toko Merah, then turn left straight after it and you will find Jalan Pandega Siwi.

Ride like 30 meters ahead, and you will find it somewhere on your left.

It only opens at night, or so it seems. It aint only a restaurant. But also sells indian textile products, and has meditation and yoga courses.

Just come in the very antique door and go through till the back. That is the restaurant part.

I wont really review the hospitality and design, which is so great and Indian-style (well, naturally).

The menu costs range around 10k-50k. And at that splendid night with two friends: Agnes Puspitasari and Rangga Aditya Dachlan (Lelendja), I made my order.

I had Andra South India Style Chicken Curry, which costs 28k with Parata (6k).
Agnes had Chicken Samosa (14k, was it?) and Lelendja had Mutton Curry.

The meal was wonderful! Id give all thumbs up for originality in spices of the curry.
The combination of the excelent Parata with Chicken Curry, from a scale of 1-10 would worth an 8 for me.

(I had a chomp on Lelendja’s Mutton Curry, Id give it a 7. Yes, I have a knack on picking the best on the menu. Didnt try Agnes’s Samosa though)

The prata bread was heavenly delicious, and dipping it to the strongly spiced chicken curry made it even more extraordinary.

The spices in the curry were just a great combination with the chicken (and very tender mutton, for Lelendja’s Curry) which were obviously cooked by really professional hands.

The negatives of the meal would include lack of universality, to the sense that not everyone will have the same tolerance to spice as I do.

The portion was relatively satisfying though Id say a bit more would make it better.

The biggest problem for me, was that Id prefer the spice bits could be removed, because it makes the chewing a bit difficult.
I mean, there were these leaves (on my Chicken Curry) and some sort of thick spice seed (on Lelendja’s Mutton Curry) spread all over the dish.

They were quite disturbing, especially especially especially on Lelendja’s dish. Very annoying.

The drinks I had was also great. I forgot its name, but it was this sweet yoghurt drink. Id give it an 8.5 (Lelendja had a fruit flavored one, Id give that a 9).

Nothing seemed special or unique on this one, other than the fact that it tasted really good (fruit made it taste better, I ordered no flavor just to compare).

Might go back there and try something else…

It is recommended for those who are interested in spicy food.

Cheers 🙂