Poem collections: Miscellaneous

These are miscellaneous topics of poems I made.
I hope I wont lose them again o.O
Love poems coming up in next post


Battle Chant of a Knight

I hide behind my shield, but I am no coward
I hold my blade firm, but I am no evil

Endless lines of them descend upon me
But a very few line with me
Weapons and warrior of all kinds lay ahead
But we have none but a shield and a blade

Then I smile, for glory is certain
All I need is three
One man on my left
One man on my right

And one dearest woman in my heart

(Fajri, August 2007)


He who fears no fear

Far away the gray hound rides
He dreams of days of glory
A land with no blood
A land he dreamed for all times

He fights away the lioness terror
Peace may reign, but unrest he still suffers
He rules his people into prosperity
Smiles were everywhere, but not yet on himself

For a long time, he waited painfully
And after a long time, he found an answer

Far away the gray hound rides
He found that his dream land was nowhere else but in his own heart
Then he died, smiling

Fajri, 2007

Ghuzulul Qalb

Three warriors set of to slay the Satan
Three warriors who bear might and valor

The first was distracted by a woman
They danced all night and ended up in bed
Just before sunrise, she killed him in his sleep
He lost his life, but lost more of his faith

The second was distracted by thirst
He found nothing but wine, and got drunk
Heavily wasted, he ran and attacked madly towards Satan
He lost his life, but lost more of his faith

The last one went on
Tempted by no woman, wine, but God’s promise alone
Weakened by thirst and hunger, Satan attacked
He lost his life, and Satan died with him

It was he who knew of where Satan truly was

Fajri, 2007

Red Line

Release your mask
Upon golden tokens whom soar
Trample down the hill the big guy does
Straight ahead he goes
The underneath go scrapping, dying, burn!
Justice under the sky is no longer sure

Release your mask
For the sake of the copper medals of saviors
Trampled as if not there
Straight ahead we look
But don’t look what’s ahead

Release your mask
Upon the stains within pure faces
Trampled down though don’t know why
Straight ahead it goes
Unknown why, what, or for

Release your mask
Release your hammers upon pure hearts
The sky is reachable now but none
True love ends just by the thin layer of skin
The beauty, the passion, the spirit
All in a gun

Unknown why, what, or for
The best is worse under flags

Release your mask!!!!!

Fajri, 2000