The Farmer and the Red Rose Field

Once upon a time lived a farmer.
He wanted the best red rose
He wanted to grow it himself
“How do I find the best rose?”
He wondered to himself.

“I should grow a field of them,
And find the best among them”
So then the farmer went,
He planted his entire field,
With the best red rose seeds he could find

The farmer knows how to plant,
The farmer knows about roses,
The farmer has made his plans,
But this farmer believes in Allah
And Allah is The Best of Planners

One day the time has come,
His field of red roses is blooming!
Hastened is the farmer
Scouring one red rose after the other
The next always better than the previous
And Allah is The Best of Planners

Maybe it came from the wind,
Maybe it came from a product defect
Maybe it came from an insect
But surely Allah knows best,
And Allah is The Best of Planners

The farmer sat in his red rose field
Smiling, as he is a believer.
Every red rose better than the other
But one rose that stood out from the rest
And Allah is The Best of Planners

That one rose was white

(Edinburgh, April 14th, 2014)