Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of happiness is a right. to be happy, is to have an increased quality of life.

So, I just wish to make a list of things that can make me happy.

1. To have a caring family

2. To be able to care for that family the way I think best

3. To fall in love with someone special

4. To be loved back by that special someone

5. To care for each other in the most preferable and needed way with that special someone

6. To look in the eye of that special someone, and see my own reflection there

7. To know myself better, what I truly desire and am able in

8. To study knowledges I truly desire, with minimum restrictions

9. To work in a field I desire

10. To know that the work I do would benefit others

11. To hear second handedly, that our work is appreciated

12. To be trusted for crucial personal matters

13. To earn enough to facilitate my life the way I desire

14. To have few, but best of friends who do not judge unless very needed, and have good and available ears

15. To make someone laugh

16. To throw something from a distance, and hitting my target

17. To cook something I planned, and it turns out as good/better than I expected

18. To eat what I like without regret

19. To tell stories to my child, that can inspire them

20. To argue with my child, whom which then proves me wrong

21. My child saying that his hero is “Daddy-man”

22. My child earning a greater success than myself, faster

23. My child marrying a decent person he/she loves

24. My child smiling and laughing, at whatever age

25. My child crying. Aged 1 second.

26. Having my special someone smile

27. Having my special someone smile at me

28. To write a book which would either entertain or inform people with something useful

29. To have someone faithfully continuing my work in my absence

30. To live with my special someone in a decent house with decent surroundings and grow old together.

31. To live with no restrictions, the way I desire.

32. To explore my desires and talents through activities I chose, with no restrictions and nobody pulling me back from it

33. To search for something in google, and find it

34. To have a pet dinosaur which would do anything I want it to do

35. In the event of no dinosaurs, any big cats would do (lions, tigers, the bigger the better), or snakes.

36. In sorrow, comes a natural healer to wash that sorrow away.

37. To wipe away tears from someone’s eyes, putting a smile in its place

38. To dream of something really beautiful

39. To wake up from no38 realizing that my life isnt too far from that

40. To wake up fresh from a good sleep

41. To wake up to my special someone beside me

42. To get an A in Uni

43. To get more As.

44. Coming home from a tiring day to something that I have enthusiastically waited for

45. To find an item I have been looking for

46. To play/hear music I like

47. To open chat lists, and find that you wish to talk to is online

48. Finding a friend by coincidence in the midst of a thick crowd

49. To have heated but rational cold headed discussions with topics I like, with interesting conclusions

50. To be proud of my life and having nothing to regret

In the end, its all about wanting one simple thing

To honestly smile