versus Pursuit of Happiness

In contrary,  there are some things which are seemingly small and minor. But they can, at times, diminish all happiness felt at that very second.

1. To show work result, but responded coldly

2. To text/email someone real long, to only get a one word reply.

3. To enthusiastically express feelings/interest on a certain subject, but responded coldly

4. To find out that a friend had betrayed me

5. To find out that a moral idol I look up to, had betrayed the value I admired her/him for

6. To be lied upon, for something crucial

7. To be underestimated

8. To hear someone call my favourite [anything] crap, when knowing I like it

9. To smile at another, but coldly responded

10. To be doubted of something I am fully committed on

11. To be disliked, frowned upon, ’embargo’ed, especially when I dont know why

12. To enthusiastically open a chat with someone, but not replied to

13. To come to an appointment, finding that the other person/s chose not to attend without telling me for no apparent reason, and that I was alone

14. To be the last person to leave a.k.a. the one left behind

15. To help someone faithfully, but repaid in pain/betrayal (not that I want something in return, but I would at least expect to not be treated with ill-manners)

16. To be cut in middle of my sentence, and be told that I am wrong before I have even made my point

17. To not be heard/ignored

18. To be given no rational choice

19. To find out mid way, that I am fighting for something that doesnt want me

20. To be in need but finding myself alone

21. To be accused of something bad which I didnt do

22. To care but not cared by

23. To find that my choices are between ‘bad-end’ and ‘worse-end’

24. To find out that I was appreciated only so that I can be used, and then disposed of

25. To be left, especially by someone sygnificant

26. To realize that I am not capable to do what I desire

27. To find out that I do not know what to do and where to go

This is the list so far. As of now, it seems that there are 2 times more reasons to be happy.

But well, yeah.