What if…. Are you prepared?

Have you ever thought of what you will do if you suddenly find US $ 1000 Trillion in your room/bank account?

Or what if you rubbed a random bottle and suddenly a huge freaky figure pops out of it and says ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum! Thou art my master now! I shalt grant thee three wishes of thyne desire, save more wishes!”

Have you prepared yourself shall something like that happen? Well, I have. Here goes.

My plan if I found a genie in a bottle, which will grant me three wishes:

  1. I want a super indestructable virus and trojan resistant laptop with unlimited batteries and access to the internet, which has processors and RAMs 1000.000x stronger than the best supercomputer in 2011 today, with 1 Trillion Terrabyte hard disk space.
  2. I want that laptop to have an only-accessible-by-me program which can access anybody’s mind including subconcious mind –living or dead, and access any information including asking anything at all which that person may know conciously or stored subconciously.
  3. Since asking for more wishes is forbidden, I will ask for 100 more genies.


My plan if I randomly found US $ 1000 Trillion in my room/bank account:

  1. Make sure I can actually legally own it
  2. Sujud Syukur
  3. I will hire a special squad of 30 body guards. Half of those will be professional veteran mercenaries guarding me out in the open, the other half will be traditional japanese ninjas (if they do indeed exist today LoL). The mercenaries will not know of the ninjas, but I can not imagine the ninjas not knowing of the mercenaries. Perhaps I should alocate US$ 10 Trillion to be put in deposit, and the interest I get is enough to pay them?
  4. I will split half the remaining funds in two big trust funds.
  5. The first half (US$ 495 Trillion) will be put in a trust fund, which its profits will be used to pay all of our judges (supreme, constitutional, ad-hoc, judges of all kinds of court we have), and demand that they do not take any more bribes both in conduct of trials and recruitment. This is in hope that the law system is as close to bribe-proof as possible so that justice can actually be upheld in its truest meaning.
  6. I really pray that I do not abuse such actions as to fulfil my personal satisfaction
  7. If any amount left, it will be alocated to pay off our national debt as much as it can afford
  8. The second half (US$ 495 Trillion) will be split again into more alocations, which I will call “sub splits”
  9. The first sub-split (US$ 95 Trillion) will be put in a trust fund also, which its profits would be for me, my wife and passed on under islamic inheritance law under Hazairin’s interpretation (the latter would be after I die, of course).
  10. The second sub-split (US$ 100 Trillion) will also be in a trust fund, which its profit would be for my family which is not covered in point 9.
  11. The third sub-split (US$ 100 Trillion) will be in a trust fund, for education purposes.  Specifically to create a better moral and substantive curriculum for our early-senior education students, with 20 researchers (half of them Indonesian best scholars in education sciences and psychology and related subjects, the others should be from european countries. It should be chaired by someone from Europe). Also, it will alocate 10% of profits for research grants and scholarships.
  12. The fourth sub-split (US$ 100 Trillion) will be in a trust fund, which its profits will be alocated for upgrading my university (Universitas Gadjah Mada) into a much better one. A panel to advise, review and supervise this program must be appointed, and they should be recruited from former/current directors of top world ranking universities.
  13. The fourth sub-split (US$ 100 Trillion) will be in a trust fund for the development of Debating, Model United Nations, and International format Moot Courts in Indonesia. It will be used for dissemination, proliferation, research and development of training methods, and annual events which will start from provincial, to national, and then international level events.
  14. I will live as a lawyer to advocate social justice and welfare. And when I get my Ph.D from Oxford University, I will lecture for free (if I indeed have free time, that is).
  15. I definitely will want to go to Hajj, take my wife and parents too (together or sepparately), along with as many random people as I can take if they want to go for Hajj too.


Thus concludes my plan shall those impossible scenarios ever happen. Not that it will, but its just fun to imagine and when Im done imagining I will go “Darn its not real!”


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