Recipes: Best Meal to Share with A Jerk

Have you ever been in a situation where someone really screws your life and seems to enjoy giving you a hard time, but that person is someone who holds a great stake in your future to certain extent?

Take for example, a college professor. You worked your ass off, came to every single class, actively participate in the class despite the professor taking great pleasure in spending 5 minutes (at minimum) to humiliate every single ‘wrong’ remark made by any student in class discussions -everything the students say is ether wrong or she didnt listen to it and asks to repeat 3-5 times. Then you went to the exams and felt you did not do perfect but at least nailed more than half. You even took the time to write at the end of your paper: “Thank you very much for the lessons you gave me in class”.

Aaaaaand she gave you an E. Just like someone who never came to a single class or someone only wrote “Your class sucks like a vacuum cleaner”.

If you retake that class next year, its her again. And that class is a compulsory course.



Ever experienced similar situations, perhaps in different context? Why have war when there is peace.

Why not prepare a heart-full meal to share with that person, which is not only good but even preconditions bonding -anything better to create bonding, other than with teamwork? Yes, THAT kind of food recipe with both benefits DOES exist to help set things straight with that person.


Step 1

Get a gigantic oven baking container which is at least 10 cms deep. Something that would fit even the largest size from Pizza Hut. Spread a little bit of vegetable oil on the bottom.

Step 2

Spread onions, finely diced, enough to cover the surface.

Step 3

For the next layer, spread out blueberry jam, and sprinkle some grated cheese on top of it.

Step 4

Now spread minced beef in a thin layer, just enough to fit the surface.

Step 5

Spread another layer of blueberry jam, then add a layer of sour cream mixed with green tea powder.

step 6

Spread a layer of sliced aubergines (oven these aubergines first, 5 minutes, 200 C)

Step 7

Spread a layer of grated carrots and cucumbers, then spread some tomato sauce (I prefer tomato pure though) across its top

Step 8

Spread a layer of diced garlics and shallots, and sprinkle a generous amount of curry powder and thyme powder on top of that

Step 9

Melt some cooking chocolate, dark, and pour it a the next layer

Step 10

repeat from step 7. If it doesnt fit, just skip directly to step 10

Step 10

Add whipped cream on top, cherries, and spread out some scrambled eggs (just plain eggs, beaten to hell, add some salt n pepper, scramble for 1-2 minutes.

Step 11

Bake it for 1 hour, 200 C.

Step 12

When its done, shove it to his/her face.

The team work I was talking about? You shove, they get shoved.