Resep Asik Fajri: Ichel Battered Fried Chicken

Finally, I managed to do a cooking experiment that I have long dreamed of!


Finally, the stuff!
Finally, the stuff! Looks ugly, but tastes like heaven!

Main Ingredients

1. Chicken (either fillet, drumsticks, whatever)

2. Vegetable oil


1. Fresh milk (enough to drown all the chicken)

2. Fresh lemon (1)

3. Garlic (5 huge cloves, roughly beaten)

4. Chilli Powder (1 tbs, or you can use fresh chillies too, chopped up and roughly beaten)

5. Ground Nutmeg (1 tbs. Grated nutmeg is better, though)

6. Blackpepper (1 tbs. Or if you have any, 1/2 tbs blackpepper + 1/2 tbs cayenne pepper)

7. Dried Rosemary (1 tbs)

8. Salt (to taste)


1. Frying flour (as much as needed for a thick batter)

2. Egg (1)

3. Dried Basil + Thyme (1 tbs)

How To Make

1. Crush lemon and get as much juice from it as possible

2. Get the zest of that whole lemon

3. Mix zest and lemon juice with fresh milk and garlic

4. Insert chicken until all drowned

5. Add marinade ingredients 4-8

6. WASH HANDS FIRST, then mix all those stuff and massage the stuff unto the chicken

7. Refrigerate, and leave for 24 hours.

8. Take out the chicken + marinade, and pour the marinade into a separate container

9. Pour in frying flour to the marinade until it becomes a very thick batter (until its barely liquid. Or if you know what I mean, thick enough to make a bakwan)

10. Add batter ingredients no 2-3, mix well.

11. If adding the egg makes the batter too liquid, then add more flour.

12. Dip the chicken into the batter, and deep fry in hot vegetable oil with medium-low heat. Make sure the entirity of the chicken is drowned in the oil

TIPS: heat up the vegetable oil first, and check whether its ready or not by inserting a (clean!) wooden aparatus into the oil. If bubbles emerge around that wooden aparatus, then its ready for frying.

TIPS 2: Adding 1 tbs of margarine to the oil will add flavor

13. When the chicken has turned brown (not dark, not light, but tends to dark), you can take it out.

14. Make sure you drain out the oil by putting the chicken on a strainer (or anything that works just as well)

15. Enjoooy ^_^

TIPS 3: A good fried chicken should be crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

TIPS 4: For better crisp, just use the white part of the egg, not the yolk. Make a more liquid batter, and add dried flour around the chicken after given batter


Thanks you Karina Utami Dewi for providing her kitchen and cooking utensils!

And thank you ICHEL the stupid STUPID cat for being so stupid and cute, and it is your name that I used for the dish name <3

Meet Michelle a.k.a. ichel
Meet Michelle a.k.a. ichel

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