Only Allah Knows Best Who She is


I discarded all but one story of romance that has ever been written

In Words that cannot be prescribed even with the ink as vast as the ocean

In the Lauh Mahfuz where everything in existence has been written

I believe with all my faith that I have loved you since the start of creation

Bear witness that I marry you not because I love you

Allah has decreed that I love you because I marry you

Beyond any common sense of those who do not believe

Allah promises good men for good women for those who believe

By all in this world, I am not the best of all men

By all in the heavens, you cannot be the best of all women

But if Allah guides a path for us to be together

Bear witness that we are the best for each other

Allah promises 72 huris in jannah for men

All of them for men who believe in Allah and prostrate

But in jannah another figure will catch the eyes of men

Bear witness, it’s mere beauty takes forty years to contemplate

Allah knows best that this beauty is none other than you

It was Him who, in the mortal world, brought us together

Allah has decreed for such a story to eternally continue

In patience and shalat we will live this story together

(2 October 2013)