On Israel and Palestine: Just an Ordinary Day

Assalaamu’alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh

So once in a while, I get some views from Israel. I wonder, what from my blog would interest someone from Israel?

A very good friend of mine told me that it might either be an Israeli or Palestinian (and wordpress labels the entire region as Israel, perhaps? Allaahu’alam).

Well, either ways, I realized that I have never posted anything about Israel or Palestine. So now I decided to post this.

Nothing is really special, anyway. Its just what is daily in my mind. But what is daily in my mind, when it comes to Palestine, is a very strong feeling.

If it is an Israeli who reads this, I am not judging you as a Jew, because your own proper orthodox Rabbis say that you may only own Jerusalem after the Messiah comes (which he has not). If you really are a practicing Jew, then you will fight what oppression your country is doing to the Palestinians. You can fight with your limbs, or with your words, or if that is really hard then do so with your heart. Afterall, as a Muslim, I place Musa a.s. (Moses) in a very high esteem.

Or rather, if you really are a practicing Jew and care about your scripture, maybe you want to consider being Muslim? I wont force you on this one, it is between you and The Lord. Just a friendly recommendation.

But if you stand together with the Zionists, then this post is a warning and a threat for you. Not from me, because it seems that nothing I can do about the situation there. Look at your own scripture, what Your Lord does to evil. Think about what He will do to evil in the hereafter. Really, I study international law. We have really good people from all around the world (including USA), and it is plainly clear that what the government of Israel is doing is even against International Law, but it is also clear that the current system of international law will not hold you accountable.

However, if you believe in your Lord, you know as much as I do that it is not international law that you should fear. That means nothing. I swear in the name of your Lord, Who is also my Lord, that justice will come sooner or later, in this world and definitely the next.

If it is a Palestinian who reads this, then ahlan wa sahlan!

Any documentary we see about what you face everyday is always heartbreaking. I am an Indonesian and a Muslim, both of which has very strong feelings for you sisters and brothers in Palestine. We never remember Palestine, except we give out our best du’a for you and not rarely shed tears because of it.

By Allah, justice will come, in this life and definitely the next. Allah’s help is near! Allah promised that at least in Surah Al Baqarah ayat 214.

Really, I cannot imagine how hard it is for you to take it when people say “Allah’s help is near” while this has been going on since 1948. But inshaaAllah, with perseverance and steadfastness, I do believe that everything will be okay. I do not even dare to imagine what it is to be in your situation, and even if I do: I cant.

But this is what I believe: victory to the Palestinians will come.

Until that day, with shalat and patience, inshaaAllah, Allah will preserve you in this life and the next!