King of the Hill

Every hill has a King.

Every King should have a Queen.

Every King should have a heir.

Every heir will become a Young King.

Every Young King will want to rule over a hill.

Every Young King starts weak, though.

Every Young King must learn from the Old King.

Every Old King has a headstart of knowledge.

But of the future? They are equally clueless.

The Old King can teach a lot, but not everything.

The Old King grows older and older.

The Young King is now ready to be a King.

But the hill is ruled by the Old King.


And there can only be one King of the Hill.


What choice does the Young King have, other than to leave the Old King’s hill and find and rule another hill?

And once the Young King has a new hill, he will rule it.


When a King rules a hill, he will defend it against attacks from other Kings.


Including attacks from the Old King.


The Young King shouts from the top of the hill,

“This is MY hill, and the Queen is MINE to choose.”


The Old King snarls,

“I have given you freedom in many other things. But I dont approve of this.”

The Young King brandishes his sword,

“I thank you for all you have done to prepare me.”

“But since I was ready, all my freedom was no longer yours to give.”

“I have taken this hill, and this hill is MINE.”

The Old King also brandished his sword,

“I should not have let you leave.”

The Young King smiled,

“If I did not leave, Old King, would we not find ourselves in this situation also, crossing swords?”

“I am now a King, whether you accept it or not, whether I leave or not.”

“And we both know that there can be only one king of the hill.”

The Old King snarls and clutches his sword tighter,

“So it will have to come to this, eh, your sword and mine.”

The Young King shakes his head, but grasp on sword no less tight,

“Not if you can just accept the reality and walk away.”

“This. Hill. Is. MINE.”


(Fajri, 2016)

Now its mine
Now its mine

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