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Introduction to Law Mid-Semesters: Question No.7

Assalaamu’alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh Dear Students, This was question no. 7 from your Introduction to Law Mid-Semester Exams which I contributed Read the hypotetical case carefuly and answer the following question: Mrs. Maudy Ayundia is a judge serving in the North-Jakarta District Court. Currently (2015) she is assigned to judge a corruption case, allegedly committed by

Seputar Jus Cogens

PENGANTAR Mahasiswa yang telah mengambil mata kuliah hukum internasional mestinya telah mengenali sumber-sumber hukum internasional yang disebutkan dalam Pasal 38 ICJ Statute, yaitu: Perjanjian Internasional Hukum Kebiasaan Internasional Prinsip-prinsip umum hukum Putusan hakim terdahulu Karya-karya pakar hukum Akan tetapi, mestinya kita ketahui juga bahwa masih ada sumber hukum internasional di luar kelima hal tersebut. Contohnya

FINAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: International Law Class A and Class B

Assalaamu’alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh. Dear beloved and respected students of international law, both Class A and B. Through this blog post I wish to announce both the answers and achieved scores of the final exams of our class. I have submitted your final grades to the IUP office today (June 17th) at around 3pm, which consists

Law of Treaties: Conference Simulation Rules

Conference Rules   Students will enter the room no later than 1.15pm (Session I : June 4th), 3.30pm (Session II: June 4th), and 15am (Session III: June 5th), and will be required to submit their credentials to The President of the Committee. On those times, the committee session will commence. Students will sit together with