TeTe Lo: Tebak Tebak Logika

Food for thought! See if you can answer them. Sorry for bad management of arranging difficulty level 😀

1. Cretan Logic:

Mr X was a Cretan poet, and exclaimed the following “ALL Cretans are none but liars!”

Question: Are Cretans liars?

If it is true that Cretans are liars, then Mr X said the truth. But he, is a Cretan. Paradox?

If Mr X, as he claims that all Cretans lie, was lying. Then the truth is “Cretans dont lie”. But if ‘Cretans dont lie’, why did Mr X lie? PAradox.

Difficulty Level: Medium


2. Uber vs Peshmerga

There exists a sword that can slice through anything. The Peshmerga.

And there exists a shield that can withstand anything. The Uber.

One day, bearer of each met and fought. Peshmerga and Uber clashed each other.

Which one wins?

Difficulty level: High


3. Bacteria Chronicles

A certain bacteria called Asiminyi Zibiae would double itself every minute. A researcher put some in a container at 2.45 PM and left it for some hours.

The researcher came back on 7.43 pm and finds the container exactly full.

Question: what time was the container half full?

Difficulty Level: Very easy


4. Three Light Bulbs

Imagine yourself in an isolated room with three switches: A, B, and C.

Next to this room there is another isolated room with three lightbulbs: X, Y, and Z which correspond with the switches in the previous room.

Your job is to figure out which switch corresponds to which light bulb. That wouldnt be so hard, so lets make it a bit challenging shall we?

You are now in the 1st room, you can do anything that does not involve stupid things like breaking through the switches and following the electricity lines.

And then, after you leave the 1st room you may not return to it. You will proceed to go to the next room. Now here, you must report the answers to me.

Difficulty level: High


5. Need Light

You are in a dark room, the lights just went out. For temporary needs of light, you turn back to more primitive technologies because you just happened to have weird light sources but not a flashlight.

Good thing is that you have a photographic memory and remember where you put things. Now you are in the center of the dark room.

You remember that if you walk forward, in 4 meters you will find a huge candle.

If you turn around, you will find 10 small candles in 3 meters but your path will be impedimented by a 1.5 meter tall shelf.

If you turn left, a huge lantern is present in 5 meters but many chairs lie in your way. You remember where you put things, but these chairs were wrecked by someone else. It is the modernest technology you have and best in providing light. But there isnt much oil in it left.

Turning right, is a cool torch you made back then as a scout. Not a battery powered one, but the thing that cavemen once use. Its 3 meters away and nothing blocks your way. It lasts the longest, and provides light second only to the lantern. But using a torch, in doors?

Now make your pick, and be wise. What will you light 1st?

Difficulty Level: Very easy


message me in facebook, or send to fajri.matahati@gmail.com. Perfect answers will get the hugest toblerone I could find in jogja!

BUt well, this does not apply for those who I have already told the answers to. And I still remember who you are :p