My Best Pet Award

What are the characteristics of my ideal pet?

1.  Can be hugged, one way or another

2. Is cute, and can be very aware how cute he/she is

3. Can find itself something to eat

4. Can help me win a “ride-your-pet” race

5. Good in playing “Fetch”

6. Can defend me against debt collectors

7. Can, perhaps, help me become a debt collector.

8. I can ride on together with my girlfriend

9. Can be a real party cracker

10. Loves children

11. Loves the owner

12. Loyal to its mate

13. Can share the same meal with its owner

14. Old enough to have extensive experiences to share

Aaaaaand the winner is…..

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Meet “Rexie”


Lagi mimi






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