Resep Asik Fajri: Summarized

Dear all!!

These are the recipes that are either originally mine or improvised from known recipes, which I have posted since this blog was first made until the last one.

You could actually just go to the “Yum Yum Reviews” category and scroll down one by one and page per page, but for some people:


So here, in one post, I give you a list of links to the recipes that open on a new tab for your convenience.


Nasi Goreng Giok

Lelisil Herbal Chicken

Ratatouille (Originally French, but fused with Italian taste too!)

Fried Dory with Milk Batter (with general cooking tips too!)

Super Burger with Mashed Potatoes

Ichel Battered Fried Chicken

Bakwan Udang Accident

Bid’ah Madras Beans n Chicken

Tuyums Rempong Fried Chicken Rice

Best meal to share with an a*ss

I do not have much access to sufficient cooking equipment in Jogja. And once I do at my friend’s place, I usually do not have the luxury to experiment much.  Therefore I usually simply knock up some spaghetti bolognaise (a classic one, but with a crap load of meat ahhaha [sorry, Mum]) or Super Burger with Mashed Potatoes.

Inshaa Allah I could experiment again, so that I can share more with you.