Resep Asik Fajri: “Bakwan Udang Accident”

Assalaamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh,

Dear all, it has been a while since I last shared some recipes that I tried. So, after dreaming about Bakwan Udang for a while, promising myself to only try this recipe when I have finished two (out of three) of my essays. So this is what I did. Bakwan Udang Accident.

Bakwan is a kind of fry that is pretty much similar to Indian Pakoras or Bhajis but perhaps with different touches of spices or ingredients. There are generally three types of Bakwans: sayur (just veggies), jagung (corn), or udang (prawn). As you can guess, I made the prawn one.

Before I go to the recipe, I would explain the title of this post (ergo, the name of this dish). I titled it because it involved three accidents, therefore *drumrolls*: “Bakwan Udang Accident” is what I call it. Here are the three accidents.

  • I finished both essays (International Criminal Law, max 3000 words, and Fundamental Issues in International Law, max 4000 words) on Saturday around Maghrib time (4pm). I knew that those maximum words excluded the footnotes. My mistake was that the ‘word count’ settings on my MS Word was set to include footnotes, despite not being highlighted. So I then realized that I was short 900 and 1000 words on each essays respectively. So I went on rampage, finishing everything that night non-stop until 4am, and rewarding myself with Chikies Fried Chicken YUM
  • The instructions on the bakwan flour told me to mix 100gr of the flour with 120 ml of water. Since I had no means of precise measuring, so I just thought that I just needed to add water 120% the amount of flour (volume-wise). But it slipped through this stupid thats-why-I-got-out-of-physics guy that GRAMS do not equal to MILILITRES. I ended up using a bit over twice more water than I should. You’ll see what I did to make up for my mistake
  • After frying, I poured the oil to a plastic container so I can use it again some other time. But once again, this thats-why-I-got-out-of-physics guy made display of his 180 IQ by pouring hot boiling oil to a plastic container. You can imagine what happened.


So anyway, this was how I rectified my mistake and conjure up something delicious anyways.


  • Prawns, peeled and chopped in small pieces (you can pre boil/stirfry it for a bit, but raw is okay)
  • Bakwan Flour (tepung bakwan)
  • Spicy Frying Flour (tepung goreng pedas)
  • Mushrooms, cut to small pieces
  • Onions, diced
  • Water
  • Oil for deep frying


How to Cook

  1. Follow the instructions on the back of the Bakwan Flour package, the way I did it. Try to measure the volume of the Bakwan Flour and Water to be 100 : 120 respectively, then mix well. What you want is a very thick and sticky batter (Im not really sure how to describe this. Anyone who knows how to make bakwan, help?). But what you will get by doing what I did is a very fluidy liquid batter. Yep, this was the mistake.

Tips: use a big bowl or plastic container, not a flat plate

  1. Pour in spicy frying flour and mix well as much as necessary until you get the needed thickness.
  2. Put in the prawns, onions, and mushrooms, with a ratio of 1 : 1: 1 (or whichever proportion you wish, really), as much as you want but make sure that everything must be able to be covered by the batter. Mix well.

PS: you can actually use any vegetables, e.g. carrots or cabbage (finely chopped). Or, for that matter, any kind of meat. Or, all meats at the same time YUM.

  1. Prepare a frying pan with loads of oil, and heat it up.
  2. Use a spoon, and start frying the mixture spoon by spoon. Make sure you pour the contents of each spoon with a little distance between each other, so they dont stick to each other.

PS: the oil should be enough to drown the stuff.

PPS: you could use a normal spoon for eating, or a huge one, whatever, its up to you how big you want the bakwan to be

  1. Fry until it turns brown-ish.
  2. Serve while hot

PS: make sure to drain out the oil

PPS: its good to have it with chili sauce or fresh chilies


Now, enjooy ^_^


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