So Skip the “Unimportant” Details, Even for Your Lord?

I remember someone once told me how two brothers almost got into a fight because of “something stupid and insignificant”. What is this “stupid and insignificant” problem?

It turns out it was about pointing your right index finger during tashahud in shalat. One argued that you have to move the finger, the other said that you should not move it. The scholars have different opinions on this matter, both inshaaAllah legitimate.

I agree that they should not have been fighting over this. Or, rather, they should not fight over any matter. Fighting should only be a last resort in self defense, and ‘getting close’ to it is so immature on any levels.

However, I have problems when it is said to be an ‘insignificant and stupid’ matter. Yes it is not a major sin, in fact it is a mere sunnah, and I don’t think its even a sunnah muakad (strong sunnah).

While I am against those fighting brothers’ lack of temper, I would highly appreciate their strength at heart to love Allah. I am instead worried for those who think this is not an important matter, or even stupid.

It is a sign of plague in the imaan of today’s Muslims. Including myself, may Allah protect us.

We try to make everything perfect for our job application, for our first date, and other things that are (a) only for dunya purposes, and (b) even within the dunya they maybe are important to some extent but they don’t care for you as much. Even up to the very detail, such as how to make a good tie, do a strong handshake, best make up for the upper shade of the eyes, whatever.

But what about for your Lord? Do you really think it is not important to love Him? Yeah, fine, you might say that “of course I love Allah” whatever. But, again, compare this to the things you do for your spouse, job, studies, etc. I ask again: do you really love Allah?

Really, these little things may not be compulsory and are seemingly “minor”. But they are evidence of what is truly in your heart.

They may not matter here in this world. But Muslims should know better, right?


Be careful.


Surah At Takaathur

1. Competition in [worldly] increase diverts you

2. Until you visit the graveyards.

3. No! You are going to know.

4. Then no! You are going to know.

5. No! If you only knew with knowledge of certainty

6. You will surely see the Hellfire.

7. Then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty.

8. Then you will surely be asked that Day about pleasure.