Two Dark Poems




I made these two poems around March… Enjoy!!! Or.. Despair!! Haha



Poem 1: My End Because of Me


My eyes glare at the enemy glaring at me

My hand clutches tight against this threat to me

My fingers press hard the blade pointed towards me

My muscles tighten harder against the force greater than me

My efforts are vain as the sharp tip touches me

My armour failed first, it left a gap exposing me

My skin felt the cold tip of blade pressing towards me

My grasp tightens to push it away but again strength has failed me

My skin rips just the size of that blade tip as it enters me

My teeth clutches as surrender is not known to me

My precious blood drips as evidence that victory is fainter to me

My ribs also left gaps for the blade to pierce through me

My muscles muster what strength is left within me

My precious blood pours abundantly as evidence that victory has left me

My eyes glare at my enemy, but even sadness smiles dimly upon me

My regrets and hopes all swirl and dance before me

My lungs who knew nothing but air and blood now taste steel because of me

My time, my allies, and my life, have nothing but abandoned me

My mind then realizes, it was none other than I who has betrayed me

My enemy smiles, but it no longer matters to me

My stupidity, desires, and impatience, has brought all this to me

My heart who knew nothing but blood now taste steel because of me

My heart beat in retaliation, but everyone knows that won’t protect me

My fingers tingle as the blade enters my heart: the real ‘me’

My fingers, all of them, tingling in pain, no longer fighting for me

My precious blood flows ever abundantly, anxious to leave me

My mind and soul has never been a good host, oh! Stupid, stupid me!

My eyes thus close at this end, wondering “has my Lord abandoned me?”

My mind smiles in regret, as it was I who has left me

My mind smiles, as my lips are no longer with me

My soul smiles, as my mind is no longer with me

My Lord smiles, asking “why did you not ask for Me?”

My soul can only reply “oh, stupid and ungrateful me!”

(March 2014)



Poem 2: Dark Tunnel


To fade away in the darkness of light

Amongst a trillion of faceless persons

Amongst a billion of nameless faces

Amongst a million of meaningless names


Unlike a gear in a system of mechanics

Alike a grain of sand in the deserts

Unlike a brick in the walls

Alike a drop of water in the oceans


Alike a speck of nothing in vast nothingness


Barely a flash, meanings start to disappear

The battle is yet to be over

But hope has never been fainter

The skies have never been darker


I witness my allies retreat one by one

Yet my enemies are amassed straight ahead

I wished to escape far far away

Yet I have nowhere and nobody to return to


I cannot blame them for deserting me

It is nothing less than what I deserve

I have brought calamity upon myself

Indeed, I have brought calamity upon myself


I am now encircled by my enemies

All are wolves, ready to pounce

I only have One to support me

Allah, My Lord, Greatest of Allies, Almighty


But I have been too far away from Him and even further

And so here I am alone with none to blame but myself

I close my eyes, as this is my time

Loud and clear, they all attack at once


Forgive me


(Fajri, March 2014)