Resep Asik Fajri: Lelisil Herbal Chicken

This one is an original recipe, fully invented by myself through an experiment yesterday.

Turns out pretty good!!



  1. Deboned chicken (one breast and two thighs)
  2. Garlic (4 fat cloves)
  3. Big Red Chillies (4 huge pieces)
  4. Ginger (half a thumb size)
  5. White Pepper (to taste)
  6. Salt (to taste)
  7. Oregano leaves
  8. Dill (try not to use thick branches, chop up)
  9. Parsley (idem)
  10. Celery (idem)
  11. Little tomatoes (that tiny ones half as big as your eyeballs), 4 peaces
  12. Honey (1 tbs)
  13. Lemon juice (2 tbs)
  14. Sesame Oil (2 tbs)
  15. Olive Oil (3 tbs)
  16. Butter
  17. Cooked Rice, not too soft (good enough for fried rice)
  18. Tomato sauce

Step 1: Preparing Marinade

Put no 7 to 11 in food processor till it gets mushy and icky (you can grind it manually if you dont have food processor. But then you will spend more calories than what you’l eat :p). You are expecting more or less a handfull of this ‘substance’.

PS: Get no 7-11 in more or less equal proportion, and enough to get the amount as mentioned above.

PPS: For Oregano, powder/chopped up dried ones would do, perhaps equivalent to 4 tbs

Grind no 2-5 till soft (Nothing beats grinding for this one. You can use food processor, but itl taste a little different).

Mix them all up in a bowl, add salt, pepper, and no 12-15.

Mix well

Step 2: Marinade-ing

Make sure your nails are clean and short, and you hands are washed clean.

Get the deboned chicken, and beat it up till softer with something hard (dont destroy it tho). It doesnt have to be deboned btw, but it makes job easier.

Put the marinade to the chicken, and mush up everything together. Put the marinade all over the chicken, and give it  good massage everywhere.

Leave it for 1 hour.

Step 3: Cooking the Chicken

Heat up a frying pan with some butter (2-3 tbs), then chuck in the marinated chicken. You got four alternatives from here.

Option 1: Fry till ¾ cooked, then put in rice and stir well till its done.

Option 2: Fry till cooked, put chicken in sepparate container (leave as much marinade substance thingo in the pan, then stir in the rice.

Option 3: Fry till cooked, serve with white rice.

Option 4: It doesnt have to be rice. Potatoes would do. French fries, mashed potatoes, it would be fine. Or you can half boil the potatoes, cut them in large cubes, then marinade and fry them along with the chicken.

Serve in combination with tomato sauce to balance and perfect out the herbs 🙂

Enjjoooooooooooy 😀

PS: I didnt actually use all those ingredients above, due to certain limitations. But those I added would make it only taste more extraordinary!


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