Legend of Legends: Table of Contents

Dear all,

Berikut daftar isi novel Legends of Legends, selamat membaca dan semoga suka ^_^

– Introduction and Chapter I: The Land of Zenton

– Chapter II: The Explossion

– Chapter III: The Scherduke

– Chapter IV: The Fire Spangled Banner

– Chapter V: New Lands

– Chapter VI: Old Friend

– Chapter VII: The Caliph

– Chapter VIII: Memory Revives

– Chapter IX: Devil Massacre

– Chapter X: Expedition

– Chapter XI: The Old Group

– Chapter XII: Past, Present, and Future


– Chapter XIV: Road to Victory

– Chapter XV: Lethifold

– Chapter XVI: Fall of Devilmare

– Chapter XVII: Lucifer Arise

– Chapter XVIII – Oath or Prophecy?

– Chapter XIX : Finally Over

-Chapter XX Epilogue